January 2024 News

Have you sprung a leak? Think IOC!

Floods and leaks not only cause a massive disruption to your business and can also cause a lot of damage. Here at IOC we can have a clean up quick response team that can be dispatched to you within a hour, to provide as much assistance on the clean up process as possible.

If you require more information on our emergency call-out service please contact info@imageofficecleaning.co.uk


Tuck By Truck Sweet Box

Choice Support – Tuck By Truck Sweet Box

Here at IOC we have been supporting a local charity ‘Choice Support’ for 8 years who deliver a monthly treat box to our head office. The staff who attend our offices are always a delight and provide a high quality service.

Choice Support work alongside ‘Tuck by Truck’ a supported employment service, aiding autistic people and people with learning disabilities in obtaining work. They help individuals to gain work experience, skills and also help secure future work by helping with work placements or find paid work with other organisations such as Choice Support.

If you would like to find out more about Choice Support and their Tuck By Truck services please see the links provided below

Meet our Supplier – TOTM

TOTM are a multi-award winning brand that inspires better and more sustainable ways of providing menstrual products. They are organic and eco-friendly, using sustainable products and avoiding harmful chemicals. They help ensure products are readily accessible to staff in the workplace and help break the stigma associated to menstruation. They also ensure every workplace box sold a donation of 10p goes to Endometriosis UK and us at IOC are pleased to be working alongside such a good supplier and help towards their various good causes.


On the spot: with Luz Taborda

1. What is your role at IOC? My role is a cleaner at IOC.

2. What is your favourite hobby outside of work? Running is my favourite hobby outside of work.

3. What do you enjoy most about working for IOC? I enjoy the most the kindness of the management.

4. What is the toughest challenge you have faced within your role to date? I haven’t faced any challenge in my role to date.

5. When you are at work, how do you motivate yourself? I motivate myself at work by trying to do my work as well as possible.

Employee of the Month – Mariuxi Johanna Echeverria Reyes

Mariuxi is a punctual dedicated employee who has worked tirelessly throughout the Christmas period when staffing levels were reduced and still managed to maintain a high level of service to our clients offices. We would like to thank Mariuxi for her continued dedication to IOC and our client.


And our Clean Team Awards goes to…

Merelyn De Los Santos
Merelyn has been been nominated for her outstanding work that has not gone unnoticed here at IOC.


Photo of the Month

Pic of the month in London
– Photograph taken by Tony Travi, Window Cleaner

December 2023 News

Samaritans Purse International Relief – Children’s Box Donations 

This time of the year can be very difficult for many families at Christmas, so here at IOC we have decided to help children in need, by asking our team to come together and make up Christmas gift boxes for children which contained the following toys – Washroom products, Barbie’s, Toy cars, arts and crafts and items of clothing. We have also donated five pounds per box that has been sent, which allows us to track which country these boxes have gone to. We have also written a note on behalf of IOC with an email address for the children to stay in contact if they wish, we look forward to hearing from the children this festive season. Read more…

November 2023 News

London Living Wage

The London Living Wage is increasing to £13.15. The increase is designed to help workers in London and it is meant to help workers cover the cost of living in the city and to aid with the overall current cost of living crisis. It’s also a great initiative to help support fair pay for workers. Please contact your client services manager today to discuss your current cleaners’ pay rates. Read more…

October 2023 News

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October brings some much needed awareness to a very important subject, breast cancer awareness. Breast Cancer Awareness month serves as a reminder to learn about the risks, symptoms, and preventative measures associated with breast cancer. There are many events and campaigns during October that help raise funds for research and provide support to those affected and their families, there are various ways we can all take part in this.

Let us show our support by wearing pink this month and help support any breast cancer fundraisers to make breast cancer research happen. Read more…

September 2023 News

Do your waste facilities need a freshen up? Our segregated colour coded waste bins are a great way to encourage recycling within your workplace. If you would like a quotation please contact info@imageofficecleaning.co.uk today. Read more…

July News 2023

Are you summer ready?

Do your external areas need a brighten up ready for the summer? Whether it be decking, patios, furniture, balconies, or courtyards we have got you covered. Please contact your Client Services Manager or email sales@imageofficecleaning.co.uk.








Meet our Supplier –

All waste sacks are UK manufactured by Berry BPI and are made from both recycled and recyclable materials.

Our “Green Sack” range is generated from UK farm polythene waste, product supplied to the farm community is purchased back by BPI and recycled into the waste sacks in which we supply our client base. Berry BPI believe that it is essential that every product they place into the market is capable of being recovered and recycled into second life products and ensuring that valuable resources are captured and retained within a circular economy, in line with principles of initiatives such as Ellen MacArthur Foundation, of which Berry Global are a member.

Berry bpi have a target for all products to be recyclable by the end of 2023.

Berry bpi also have set themselves the following goals;



Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a holiday that is dedicated to teaching people about the dangers of plastic and encourages people to avoid plastic for a month. At IOC we are taking steps towards reducing our usage of plastics, for example we have taken on IOC branded metal bottles in place of single use plastic bottles. We are also working with numerous suppliers with the same idea in mind to cut down on plastic use.



Photo of the Month

– Photograph taken by Bobby Green, Window Cleaner



On the spot: with Andres

What is your role at IOC? – Client Service Manager.

What do you like about working for IOC? – It’s a well organised, family running business and they make you feel like another member of the family.

What is your favourite hobby? – Reading, and outdoor activities with my family.

What is the best part of your job? – Meeting our client’s needs and demands.

Finally, if any; what is the worst part about your job? – To me the worst part of the job? Making difficult decisions on the spot.



Employee of the Month – Miria Manenti De Souza

Miria Souza is a committed member of our IOC team, she is attentive and responsive to our clients requests and always goes above and beyond our expectations. We are delighted to have Miria be a part of our team.

June News 2023

In celebration of The King’s Coronation along with our commitment to plant new trees, we funded a Primary schools tree planting of a Crimson King Acer Tree. This was a great day had by all, educating the children on the importance trees have on our environment and now they can nurture and care for the tree and watch it grow for years to come.



Meet our Supplier – TOTM

TOTM are a multi-award-winning brand that inspires better and more sustainable ways of providing menstrual products. They are organic and eco-friendly, using sustainable products and avoiding harmful chemicals. They help ensure products are readily accessible to staff in the workplace and help break the stigma associated to menstruation. They also ensure every workplace box sold a donation of 10p goes to Endometriosis UK and us at IOC are pleased to be working alongside such a good supplier and helping towards their various good causes.



8th June  – World Ocean Day

On 8th June it will be World Ocean Day, a global celebration that raises awareness on the importance of the ocean and to help encourage people to take action to protect it. There are numerous ways in which we can help protect the ocean and below are just a few ways in which we can play our part in protecting the ocean:

    1. Stop using one-time-use plastics, for example, stop using bottled water.
    2. Pick up garbage when you see it at the beach.
    3. Cut down on seafood where possible.
    4. Provide support to conservation efforts.
    5. Avoid cosmetics with microbeads.
    6. Conserve water.
    7. Avoid buying items that harm wildlife.
    8. Spread the word of World Ocean Day and encourage the protection of the Ocean year-round.



Photo of the Month



– Photograph taken by Victor Marin London Regional Manager


On the spot: with Tomas

How long have you worked for IOC?  – 18 Years

What is your role at IOC?  – Client Services Manager

What do you like about working for IOC? – We are like a  family.

What is your favourite hobby? – Going on holidays with my family.

What is the best part of your job? – The sites.

Finally, if any; what is the worst part about your job? – None


Employee of the Month – Luz Taborada

Luz has cleaned our head office for 3 years now and will be celebrating her 3-year anniversary on the 19th June. Luz is a great asset to our team and always has a smile on her face no matter how early it is in the morning. Thank you for looking after us Luz and for keeping our offices so immaculately clean.


And our clean awards go to…

Cileny Lisedth Reategui Riatigui

For her continuous hard work that has been noticed by many throughout her time working with IOC.

May News 2023

London is the Heart of IOC and we are proud to be based at the centre of this month’s celebrations. The Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort will take place on Saturday 6th May at Westminster Abbey. We look forward to this iconic event and wish our team, supply partners and clients a joyous bank holiday weekend.


Meet our suppliers

Mayflower are constantly looking at ways in which we can bring innovation to our service in order for our clients to reach their sustainability goals. As a national distribution business our biggest challenge is our fleet, whilst we have increased our electric vehicles and are trialling HVO fuel we believe where possible we want to limit road vehicles to carry out our services as much as possible.

One of our projects has been the River Freight Trial. This was a project we organised in conjunction with Cross River Partnership and DEFRA as part of the Clean Air Village scheme. Which is a scheme to reduce air pollution in the city by taking vehicles off the road. Which has won a Green Apple Environment Award for Environmental Best Practice. According to the Port of London Authority’s Air Quality Strategy for the Tidal Thames, across Europe, energy consumption bringing goods into central London via the Thames emits less than half of the carbon of road transport, improving local air quality. Meanwhile, the River Thames is an under-utilised resource and as a company being based in Woolwich we are in a prime position to take advantage of the River.

Last year we ran this as a 6 week trial where we delivered to clients via the River Thames as opposed to Vans & Lorries. Products were collected from our Depot in Woolwich and brought into Embankment. The final mile used bike couriers to complete the last trip of the journey to clients. This was a massive success and as a result have been authorised to carry out a 6 month trial this year carrying up to 40 pallets per delivery!

Jack Doyle, Mayflower Washroom Solutions


Photo of the Month


– Photograph taken by Bobby Green Window Cleaner


On the spot: with Sara

How long have you worked for IOC?  – 7 Years

What is your role at IOC?  – Payroll

What do you like about working for IOC? – We are like a close-knit family.

What is your favourite hobby? – Travelling abroad

What is the best part of your job? – The people

Finally, if any; what is the worst part about your job? – None


Employee of the Month – Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo has worked for IOC for over 5 years now and I think we can all agree that he is an asset to our team. His dedication, hard work and commitment to IOC does not go unnoticed, always being the first to come forward for any emergency call outs.

April News 2023

First Aid Training

This month we have had our teams go through their first aid training. This training alone can save lives so it is as important as ever. It also promotes a positive, safe working environment and brought our team together to learn key skills that can be used in and outside of the workplace.



MRCT Food Bank

Last week 4 members of our team spent some time supporting our local food bank.


The Harlow Foodbank, run by the The Michael Roberts Charitable Trust, is a vital local service feeding over 750 families weekly. The work they do today is more critical than ever.

They are always looking for volunteers to help, or if you fancy donating, I’m sure they would warmly welcome your support. Please see the links below if you are interested in finding out more or volunteering.



Meet our suppliers

The main cause of pest infestations within a workplace that I have come across comes from workers leaving uneaten food and wrappers amongst office desks, particularly with the rise of hybrid working and people leaving the office for days at a time. This often leads to mice infestation or attracts fruit flies that feast on the leftover residue found in coffee mugs, yoghurt pots or fruit pots etc. The best solution to this is to keep food in Tupperware and ensure that nothing is left behind in offices that could attract pests.



We get the best views whilst on shift cleaning your buildings


– Photograph taken by Paul Hart Company Director


On the spot: with Ashley

How long have you worked for IOC? – 7 months

What is your role at IOC? – Office Administrator

What do you like about working for IOC? – The people

What is your favourite hobby? – Swimming

What is the best part of your job? – No two days are the same

Finally, if any; what is the worst part about your job? – None


Employee of the Month
– Rui Alves

Rui Alves manages our client’s estate, has worked for IOC for 7 years now and is an asset to us and our Client. He is diligent, knowledgeable and extremely thorough in all that he does, Rui has a great relationship with his team always leading by example would like to thank Rui for his hard work and dedication.

March News 2023

Celebrating 20 Years

We are delighted to be celebrating our 20th anniversary at IOC, when the company was formed it was our vision to create a City based cleaning company delivering outstanding service. As one of the few remaining cleaning companies based in central London we are still able to provide the quick response service where we can react to any emergency within the hour. We are excited to see what the next twenty years bring to IOC, in particular on our journey to achieving Carbon neutral status and protecting our planet for future generations. We would like to thank all of our clients and partners for their ongoing support and also our incredible team who without their dedication and hard work we would not be the company we are today.


On the spot with Rui Alves, Site Manager

How long have you worked for IOC? 
Since May 2016.

What is your role at IOC? 
Site Manager.

What do you like about working for IOC? 
Since I started working with the company they keep innovating in all areas and they deliver a good service.

What is your favourite hobby? 
DIY, and spending time with my family.

What is the best part of your job? 
The challenges each day are never the same.

Finally, if any; what is the worst part about your job? 
I think as with any Job the stress that comes with it sometimes.


Our Client Partnerships

We have partnered with IOC since 2003.  Since that time we have moved three times and now employ 350 people.  IOC have been with us throughout Numis’ journey and developed their services to cater for our needs as a business.  We now an have amazing new offices in Gresham Street and it is essential that they are kept pristine, and IOC work incredibly well to ensure this.  Tomas Perez has been our exceptional IOC team lead at Numis for as long as I can remember. Tomas and Paul Hart, IOC Director, are both on site often and know us and our business well. It is really important to me that top management visit and engage with me frequently.  This is the formula that sets IOC apart from other cleaning firms, they see the value in knowing us and our business and adapt how they work, so they can bring the best to our business.  We have two supervisors, Cristina Cabral (night) and Amparo Ribera (day) and they have been with Numis for a long time too – they ensure their teams work well and provide first class service.  The turn over of cleaning operatives is virtually zero and the majority of them are known by name by our staff and it is great to see professional harmonious relationships between both groups.  I get weekly calls from other cleaning companies pitching for the IOC business – but why would I jump ship when we have the best in the business already supporting us?!

Numis would like to congratulate Paul Hart and his team on their 20 year anniversary – thank you for all your hard work and look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

Mary Roser, Head of Facilities at Numis


Meet our suppliers

Simply Washrooms

Simply Washrooms has today announced it has become B Corp certified in recognition of it’s drive for environmental and social responsibility. It now joins a growing group of companies reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit.

Andrew Shelley, Managing Director at Simply Washrooms comments: “We’re unbelievably proud to have achieved the status of a Certified B Corp. In getting to this point, we’ve worked extremely hard to ensure we meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability – and we’re already seeing the significant benefits this work brings across our business.



Employee of the Month – Patricia

Pat has worked alongside Scott and Paul for 33 years and over this time has been one of the most reliable, trustworthy and happy people we have ever employed. On our 20th anniversary it seems fitting to have Pat as our employee of the month in recognition of her hard work, loyalty, dedication and positive attitude. Thank you Pat for everything you do for IOC!


And our clean awards go to…

Gloria Liliana Barrientos Sossa

For her commitment to providing the highest quality service, hard work and dedication overall. She is an absolute credit to IOC.

Mustafa Cande

For his hard work, commitment, helpfulness and overall good service.