September 2023 News

Do your waste facilities need a freshen up? Our segregated colour coded waste bins are a great way to encourage recycling within your workplace. If you would like a quotation please contact today.

Summer is not over yet…there is still time to brighten up your external areas with a simple deep clean to your paving to remove any grime. This simple process can make such a difference to your outside areas and create a bright space for your tenant’s and colleagues to enjoy. Please contact us today for your quotation.


Meet our Supplier – Robert Scott

More and more, our distributors and end users are looking to increase the range of sustainable cleaning products they use to help reduce their business’ impact on the environment. Using less chemicals, less plastic waste and more cost-effective solutions are all top priorities, but it can be difficult for organisations to know where to start.

As a business, it’s not just product innovation where we are looking to improve the sustainability of our products. We’ve also set our sights on our core offering of traditional cleaning products such as mops, brooms and cloths – products that are used day-in-day-out and which aren’t often associated with being typically ‘green’ – and feel it’s time to remind ourselves on the sustainable merits of traditionally produced products.

Take our floor and dish cloths for instance. These are manufactured using recycled shredded clothing, which means we are diverting textile waste from landfill and giving it another use.

Robert Scott’s mops, manufactured here in the UK at our mills in the north west of England, are also made using sustainably-sourced materials. The cotton used in the mop heads is sourced from waste produced during the spinning process, again giving a use for a material that would otherwise be disposed of. For a more sustainable approach to traditional mopping we’ve designed the patented Refill socket mop. This means you only need to dispose of the mop yarn while re-using the plastic socket, which are also made here in the UK. The Refill socket can be cleaned and reused hundreds of times, and is colour coded to prevent cross-contamination, making mopping more hygienic, cost-effective and eco-friendly.



On the spot: with Diego

What is your role at IOC? – Client Services Manager.

What do you like about working for IOC? – Everything.

What is your favourite hobby? – Cycling.

What is the best part of your job? – Seeing the Clients.

Finally, if any; what is the worst part about your job? – None.



Employee of the Month – Yohan Felipe Granada Botero

Yohan has made a great impact at our clients site since he started a couple of months ago. Both IOC and our client are very impressed with the dedication and commitment he has shown and hope Yohan continues to grow within IOC.



And our Clean Team Awards go to…

Nelson Javier Giacometto Teran

For good performance at work, for his commitment to the company and his good results both in the morning and midday, he is also available when needed for cover at other sites.



Photo of the Month

– Photograph taken by Victor Marin, London Regional Manager