November 2023 News

London Living Wage

The London Living Wage is increasing to £13.15. The increase is designed to help workers in London and it is meant to help workers cover the cost of living in the city and to aid with the overall current cost of living crisis. It’s also a great initiative to help support fair pay for workers. Please contact your client services manager today to discuss your current cleaners’ pay rates.

Post Party Clean Up

If you’re hosting a party this year for Christmas and you are dreading the post party clean up, look no further, IOC can be at hand to provide professional cleaning services for such events. If you would like a quotation for such cleans please contact



MRCT Food Bank

Last week members of our team spent some time supporting our local food bank. The Harlow Foodbank, run by the The Michael Roberts Charitable Trust, is a vital local service feeding over 750 families weekly. The work they do today is more critical than ever.

They are always looking for volunteers to help, or if you fancy donating, I’m sure they would warmly welcome your support. Please see the links below if you are interested in finding out more or volunteering.


Meet our Supplier – SYR

“The world’s natural resources are finite, and some are in very short supply. SYR recognised that in manufacturing products made using recycled plastic they could reduce the use of fossil fuel hydrocarbons, reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

The SYR SWITCH range uses waste materials destined for landfill, recycled plastics, regrind plastics and thoughtful design to allow you to be kinder to the environment, without compromising your pocket or the quality of work completed.

Why is SYR a sustainable partner?
SYR has been a champion for sustainability in our products and services long before ‘green cleaning’ became a trending topic. Our mission has always been to use innovative design to make products that last, cleaning efficiently to manage resource usage and lasting longer than alternatives to reduce waste over time. More than 20 years ago we developed our award-winning SYR Interchange range, a system of handles and compatible interchangeable tool heads for different cleaning tasks, to reduce the amount of cleaning waste ending up in landfill, followed by the world’s first mopping combo made from recycled materials, the TC20-R, a sustainable alternative to the traditional cleaning bucket. In addition to our eco-friendly product offerings we also strive to create a sustainable business and manufacturing environment. We operate all of our facilities within all applicable laws, regulations and permits, and strive for the highest standards of organisation and efficiency across all our sites, both to ensure a safe working environment for our staff and to control any and all environmental impact. We are constantly seeking environmentally-friendly improvements to raise our sustainable standards; we have already created a system for reducing waste to almost 0% in the manufacturing environment with the creation of products like our LTS-R and TC20-R mopping combos.” – Ian Bennett, Account Manager


On the spot: with Scott Bambridge

1. What is your role at IOC? – My role at IOC is Sales Director and Co-Founder, the company was established in 2003 and we now have over 500 employees.

2. What is your favourite hobby outside of work? – I love football and play most sports including golf and tennis.

3. What do you enjoy most about working for IOC? – I enjoy being part of a team and we have built a very strong team at IOC, I also enjoy winning new contracts with our operations team making significant improvements to the standard of the cleaning in their buildings.

4. What is the toughest challenge you have faced within your role to date? – One of the toughest challenges I face in my role, is getting potential clients to buy into quality and sustainability rather than just the price. To deliver a good service we must source and retain the very best people available and to do this we have to pay a minimum of the current London Living Wage, we are also passionate about sustainability and our impact on environment is at the heart of all of the business decisions that we make.

5. When you are at work, how do you motivate yourself? – I find it easy to motivate myself as I really enjoy my job, I am proud of the company that Paul and I have created where our retention of clients is second to none within our industry.


Employee of the Month – Cristian Camilo Salazar Barco

Cristian only recently joined our ‘Mobile Operations Team’, having previously worked for IOC as a ‘Cleaning Operative’ at various sites,  he has adapted to his new role with ease and is truly valued by all. He has responded to call outs, carried out periodical cleans to an impeccable level and is a great asset to our team.

And our Clean Team Awards go to…

Angie Julissa Castillo Caiced

Angie is one of our Supervisors, she does at brilliant job and our client is really happy with her work.


Photo of the Month


Photograph taken by Bobby Green Window Cleaner