June News 2023

In celebration of The King’s Coronation along with our commitment to plant new trees, we funded a Primary schools tree planting of a Crimson King Acer Tree. This was a great day had by all, educating the children on the importance trees have on our environment and now they can nurture and care for the tree and watch it grow for years to come.



Meet our Supplier – TOTM

TOTM are a multi-award-winning brand that inspires better and more sustainable ways of providing menstrual products. They are organic and eco-friendly, using sustainable products and avoiding harmful chemicals. They help ensure products are readily accessible to staff in the workplace and help break the stigma associated to menstruation. They also ensure every workplace box sold a donation of 10p goes to Endometriosis UK and us at IOC are pleased to be working alongside such a good supplier and helping towards their various good causes.



8th June  – World Ocean Day

On 8th June it will be World Ocean Day, a global celebration that raises awareness on the importance of the ocean and to help encourage people to take action to protect it. There are numerous ways in which we can help protect the ocean and below are just a few ways in which we can play our part in protecting the ocean:

    1. Stop using one-time-use plastics, for example, stop using bottled water.
    2. Pick up garbage when you see it at the beach.
    3. Cut down on seafood where possible.
    4. Provide support to conservation efforts.
    5. Avoid cosmetics with microbeads.
    6. Conserve water.
    7. Avoid buying items that harm wildlife.
    8. Spread the word of World Ocean Day and encourage the protection of the Ocean year-round.



Photo of the Month



– Photograph taken by Victor Marin London Regional Manager


On the spot: with Tomas

How long have you worked for IOC?  – 18 Years

What is your role at IOC?  – Client Services Manager

What do you like about working for IOC? – We are like a  family.

What is your favourite hobby? – Going on holidays with my family.

What is the best part of your job? – The sites.

Finally, if any; what is the worst part about your job? – None


Employee of the Month – Luz Taborada

Luz has cleaned our head office for 3 years now and will be celebrating her 3-year anniversary on the 19th June. Luz is a great asset to our team and always has a smile on her face no matter how early it is in the morning. Thank you for looking after us Luz and for keeping our offices so immaculately clean.


And our clean awards go to…

Cileny Lisedth Reategui Riatigui

For her continuous hard work that has been noticed by many throughout her time working with IOC.