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December News 2022

Finally, after over two years of covid-19 guidance and regulations we can finally celebrate with friends, colleagues, and family. We would like to take this opportunity in wishing all our client’s a fantastic month of December.

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September News 2022

We are supporting Trees for Cities on their mission to make our towns and cities greener, happier, and healthier places to live for generations to come. So far, we have planted 50 trees this year.


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

For generations, Her Majesty the Queen has been all we’ve known and a constant presence in our lives. We offer our heartfelt thanks for a life of service.


The London Living Wage

The London Living Wage has now been increased to £11.95 per hour. With the cost of living crisis, it’s now more important than ever.


Do your carpets need a freshen-up….if so we have got you covered.

Whilst daily vacuuming and spotting keeps your carpets at bay we do recommend at least a quarterly deep carpet clean to high traffic areas to bring your carpets back to their former glory. Please contact your Client services manager or email for a no obligations quotation.

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To our employees of the month:

Kelly Morgan

Dahiana Gomez Moncada

Karen Johana Ortiz Teran

Covid 19 Response Case Study

A large media company who is a client of IOC was required to continue as normal throughout the pandemic from their London head office. We supported them throughout this period, providing additional full time cleaning operatives, specialist anti-bacteria consumable supplies and social distancing awareness floor mats all at very short notice. We attended the site within an hour of each positive case being identified, to carry out full deep hygiene clean and electrostatic spraying treatment. We supported our client throughout the pandemic to maintain a Covid-19 secure workplace for all of their staff.

From the very start, IOC has always had a proactive approach to the management of Covid-19. In January 2020 we increased stock levels of hand sanitiser, dispensers, face masks and surface wipes. We managed the distribution of these products between our client’s sites to ensure that all parties had availability at all stages throughout the pandemic.

We supported all high-risk employees and understood and encouraged these people to shield when necessary. As a workforce who are unable to work from home, we supported our employees to continue working, by providing letters of proof of essential work and re-usable face masks for all employees to wear on their journeys to work and within the workplace.

Our head office was reduced to a Skeleton staff, with all other staff transitioned to working from home. All members of our operational teams and management were divided into bubbles to ensure continuity of service if a positive or possible case was identified only that one bubble would have to isolate.

We adapted to our client’s requirements throughout each lockdown and reopening, using the government’s furlough scheme where necessary. We provided additional labour to those who were required to remain open and provide a heightened level of cleaning service. We adapted working patterns and created ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams that were necessary to help reduce the risk of spread.

When a positive or potential Covid-19 case was identified we attended each case within the hour, to carry out thorough response cleans using virucidal cleaning chemicals in full PPE. We also encouraged the additional protection offered by electrostatic spraying which was completed by our fully trained in-house teams.

Whilst some have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to exploit their clients, at IOC we have taken the opinion that it was more important to do all we could to support our client’s throughout this difficult time. We were flexible with contracts as the government’s furlough scheme allowed and we focused our attention and efforts on our existing clients as opposed to servicing new clients whose cleaning companies were failing to react when necessary.

Gender pay gap report

Hourly pay gap

In this organisation, women earn 99p for every £1 that men earn when comparing median hourly pay. Their median hourly pay is 0.6% lower than men’s.

Pay gap
When comparing mean (average) hourly pay, women’s mean hourly pay is 2.4% lower than men’s.

About median and mean

The median gender pay gap figure
This is the difference between the hourly pay of the median man and the hourly pay of the median woman. The median for each is the man or woman who is in the middle of a list of hourly pay ordered from highest to lowest paid.

A median involves listing all of the numbers in numerical order. If there is an odd number of results, the median is the middle number. If there is an even number of results, the median will be the mean of the two central numbers.

Medians are useful to indicate what the ‘typical’ situation is. They are not distorted by very high or low hourly pay (or bonuses). However, this means that not all gender pay gap issues will be picked up. They could also fail to pick up as effectively where the gender pay gap issues are most pronounced in the lowest paid or highest paid employees.

The mean (average) gender pay gap figure
The mean gender pay gap figure uses hourly pay of all employees to calculate the difference between the mean hourly pay of men, and the mean hourly pay of women.

A mean involves adding up all of the numbers and dividing the result by how many numbers were in the list.

Mean averages are useful because they place the same value on every number they use, giving a good overall indication of the gender pay gap. But very high or low hourly pay can ‘dominate’ and distort the figure.



The percentage of women in each pay quarter

In this organisation, women occupy 68.4% of the highest paid jobs and 69.9% of the lowest paid jobs.

Pay gap

About pay quarters

Pay quarters show the percentage of men and women employees in four equal sized groups based on their hourly pay.

Pay quarters give an indication of women’s representation at different levels of the organisation.


Please see the results here.